Mouth Guard

Modern living conditions lead many people to stress. Many times this stress accumulates in the muscles of our temporomandibular system or otherwise in the jaw. The result is the contraction of these muscles, leading to wear of the teeth and the jaw. Activities such as the gym, running, padel, etc. help channel stress by reducing teeth grinding. This abnormal pressure is called bruxism. Ways to deal with bruxism include massage, physical therapy and psychotherapy.

The mouth guard is used mainly during the nocturnal hours and it is usually a hard splint used to protect the teeth and the jaw from the unnatural forces exerted on the teeth by the muscles of chewing. These unnecessary and dangerous forces are carried out mainly during the night by the masseter muscle causing spasms and contructions. Eventually these forces are transferred to the teeth causing cracks, breaks and pain in the jaw.

Sports Mouth Guard

Depending on the needs of the child and the athlete, a splint is created to protect the teeth and the temporomandibular system during training and sports in a case of an accident.

Whitening Splint

The dentists, after the clinical examination of the patient’s mouth, proceed to take impressions, which they send to the dental technician. The dental technician makes the whitening trays from a soft acrylic material. In a second appointment, once the braces are ready, the dentists check their correct fit in the mouth.

It is important that the whitening pads fit snugly at the tooth-gum interface to avoid contact of the whitening material with the gums. When applying the whitening material, patients must be careful not to overdo it, as this can cause gingival irritation. If the material overflows, a burning sensation is likely to occur.

After the detailed inspection of the application, the dentist gives the patient the whitening material and application instructions. Patients wear the whitening underarms as directed by the dentist.

It is important to note that pre-made bleaching pads purchased commercially do not fit every patient perfectly. A lack of fit can cause gum irritation and pain. In addition, buying random whitening material without a dentist’s advice can lead to uneven whitening and discoloration. A visit to the dentist is necessary for the selection of suitable material and the safe whitening process.

Orthodontic Splints

Clear braces are a sophisticated method for moving the teeth, using splint made of hypoallergenic thermoplastic material. They are made specifically for each patient, offering an orthodontic solution to improve oral health and align teeth.

Sliding Splint

The device used is placed in the mouth during sleep, similar to the previous splints. It has a double purpose: on the one hand, to ensure the free passage of air through the airways, allowing the patient to breathe normally during the night, and on the other hand, to maintain the position of the lower jaw in a specific sliding position. This shape guides the jaw to a certain position, so that over time the patient “gets used” to it. In this way, over time, the patient improves his breathing during the night and the symptoms are reduced, improving his quality of life.