For aesthetic reasons we can carry out many treatments on our teeth such as orthodontics and whitening. When the aesthetic problem is greater then we can place facades. These are divided into two categories and are capable of changing the structure and color of the teeth.

Resin veneers

These veneers are performed in an appointment, are a painless solution and do not require anesthesia, as most of the time resin material is added, the color is selected and the desired aesthetic result is obtained immediately.

Porcelain veneers

These views are performed in two appointments and are a bloodless solution. Depending on the addition or reduction of dental volume, anesthesia is performed on certain teeth and a minimally invasive dental method, taking impressions and creating temporary teeth. At the next appointment, the positioning and gluing of the plasterboard faces is carried out. During the temporary veneers the patient has the luxury of seeing through the temporary ones what the permanent ones will look like and to chat with the dentist about possible changes in the color and structure of the teeth according to the patient’s need and desire.