Bogdanopoulos Constantine Endodontist

Mr. Constantine completed his studies at the Dental School of the University of Athens in 1982.
He worked for a decade in Patras as a General Dentist, where he comes from.
Then he went for further training at the University of New York for his Specialty in Endodontics, founded in the year 1926, the oldest one in the USA.

He has attended, among others, the following hands on courses and seminars:

2000 American Association of Endodontics World Congress Honolulu HI,
2004 Surgical microendodontics university of Indiana, Indianapolis USA, by Donald Arens.
2005 Univ of Pennsylvania Philadelphia PA USA endodontic microsurgery by Synkgouk Kim.
2007 Art of Endodontics Dental education Laboratories Santa Barbara CA, USA by S.L.Buchanan.
2007 European Society of Endodontics Istanbul Conference. Innovative endodontics by Pierre Machtou.
2009 Contemporary sinus surgery and bone and soft tissue grafting by Ziv Mazor department of periodontology school of dentistry Belgrade.
2011 course at BTI Institute Vittoria by Eduardo Anitua on endogenous regeneration (PRGF).
2016 March Contemporary soft tissue grafting for implant reconstruction at Pikos institute Palm Harbor FL.
2016 September Pikos symposium Orlando FL .
2018 Soft and hard tissue surgery in Istvan Urban’s institute.
2022 Art of Endodontics Ultra by S.L.Buchanan dental education laboratories Santa Barbara CA with emphasis on MIE minimally invasive tooth extraction.

Specialized Endodontic Care

Mr. Constantine maintains his endodontic practice in the heart of Glyfada with 27 years of experience, carrying out hard cases which are referred to him by dentists. His main purpose is to maintain the tooth in the oral cavity despite the highly complicated root canal treatments and surgical endodontic cases such as:

•Complex root canals to save the tooth
•Retreatment of old or failed root canals by removing broken instruments in order to save the tooth
•Apicectomies with removal of abscesses and cysts

Each of our patients is unique, so we personalize the treatment, finding the best solution for their problem!