Invisible Orthodontic Braces

It is extremely important to understand that our teeth, like everything else in our body, we protect. Orthodontics is a specialty that moves teeth, changes their position, rotation and orientation, without grinding. This is the method by which orthodontic irregularities are corrected, using thin transparent braces. The braces are placed in the mouth in continuous phases, as a result of which the teeth move to the desired position. This technique uses high-tech hardware and computer software.

Clear braces are a series of clear “membranes” of thermoplastic hypoallergenic material used to move teeth. They are made specifically for each individual patient.

Features of transparent splints include:

– Their thin shape, which makes them almost invisible.
– They are worn 20-22 hours a day and removed during meals and oral hygiene.
– They are changed approximately every 10-15 days, while the duration of treatment usually ranges from 3 to 12 months.

Some advantages of orthodontics with clear braces include:

– They do not cause injury to the lips and gums due to their smooth surface.
– The forces exerted are small, minimizing pain for the patient.
– They do not affect oral hygiene and are easy to clean.
– They do not interfere with speech.
– Because they are removable, there are no dietary restrictions.
– They are hypoallergenic.

Clear braces are indicated in cases of tooth crowding, rare dentition, cross occlusion, overbite and overocclusion. Also, they can be used in pregnant women and patients with periodontitis.

However, they are not suitable for treating all malocclusions as they do not move teeth in all dimensions of space.
It is ideal for people who want an alternative and aesthetically acceptable solution, usually adults, for their orthodontic treatment, while traditional “braces” are not preferable. Our practice cooperates with a certified orthodontic laboratory that uses the ClearAligner technique.